Premium Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Gummy Squares

Premium Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Gummy Squares

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These Yummy Gummies are in various fruit flavors with each gummy having 35 mg of Full-Spectrum CBD-Rich hemp extract.  Each gummy has basically the same content as a one ml of a 750 mg extract.  These gummies took some time to formulate to maximize bioavailability, flavor profile, heat stability for shipping and shelf life.

The gummies are available in packs of 30 for a total of 1050 mg for the bottle.

We have had a great response to these little squares, and hope that you’ll love them as much as we do! Perfect for when you need a calming, relaxing effect or soothing aches & stiffness after a hard days work.

50-State Legal:  The Enlightened Botanicals products are non-psychoactive.  These naturally full spectrum CBD-rich extracts of commercial hemp are legal in the US and in many countries without a prescription.

  • Ingredients: Pharmaceutical-Grade Hemp 1050 MG of CBD Total plus trace cannabinoids
  • Contents: 30 Gummies (35 MG of  Full Spectrum Hemp extract each)
  • Aids in Relaxation to take the edge off - may give the user a calmer feeling
  • Promotes restfulness which may support healthy sleep patterns
  • Many have experienced Profound Pain Relief with this product